Something Blue

A project dedicated to my love of the color blue

This is my trusty royal blue quilted flannel shirt. I bought this years ago at Macy's for $10.00 and it's served me well ever since. I use it in the winter when I'm working on projects during the day to help keep me warm.

This is my favorite tea mug. It was given to me by my college roommate as a birthday present. Donald Duck is my favorite animated character and the fact that it's blue, well that just makes it even better.

My husband loves the color blue as well. We bought this blue luggage set after our wedding and we've used it ever since. It's always easy to find when picking up from the baggage carousel.

I bought this umbrella in Vancouver, Canada at a place called the Umbrella Store. I love the blue paisley pattern on it.

These shoes never fail to spice up an outfit. They are fun and shiny and add flare for any occasion.

Believe it or not, this purse is from Target, the Merona brand. It only cost $30.00 and has been the best on the shoulder purse I've ever owned. I even bought a replacement one for when this current purse wears out.

I have dubbed this coat my Nanook of the North coat. With dual layers, it keeps me nice and toasty when we travel to colder climates.

I bought this coat on the same trip as the umbrella, it was only $20.00 and never fails to get compliments.

A very stylish, classy coat, this was a present from my husband. The only odd thing is that the pockets are just for show, perhaps they didn't think it would look as good with gloves in those pockets...

This was a great find at Macy's. It's not real leather but looks like it and I really enjoy the style of it.